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  1. Transmission & Rear End
    I bought my 2004 VN750 this past July and she has been running great! The previous owner apparently didn't know the importance of keeping the splines lubed up and the final drive oil healthy. I was taking off after a stop light and heard a POP and lost power. With the clutch pulled and the bike...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Found myself lurking within the forums too often and needed some real help, so I decided to join up. I'm riding (well.. not riding anymore.. project now) a '87 Vulcan 750. I love the thing. Took great care of me, bu tI did not take great care of it. :BLAM: Gotta replace the...
  3. Transmission & Rear End
    I finished the spline lube last week following Fergy's walkthrough. Everything went great with that part. The teeth looked pretty good and I put in a new O-ring and lubed it with Honda Moly 60. The problem I have now is that when I started loosening the four bolts holding the final drive...
1-3 of 3 Results