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  1. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    For some reason now when I start the bike, the right exhaust blows white smoke for about the first 30 seconds, then stops. No smoke at all out of the left side. I have custom pipes, no goats belly. After the first 30 seconds no smoke at all. Something to be concerned with??
  2. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    I apologize if my search-fu is weak: I looked around and couldn’t find an answer. I recently replaced the battery in my bike after (stupidly) letting it sit and discharge all winter. After getting a new battery installed I started it up to make sure everything was good. A minute or 2 later I...
  3. Carbs & Fuel System
    Hey guys, so I just picked up my bike from a local shop. First thing I noticed is that the idle knob is missing from the carbs, next I can not run the bike with out the choke being on, with out it the bike dies. Next the bike is having extremely bad power surges as I am driving it home. Next I...
1-3 of 3 Results