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  1. Motorcycle Safety
    If you've ever considered buying a Helite airbag vest (awesome life saving technology), you can currently buy one for 10% off ($60 savings) using coupon code REDDIT. See the relevant links below: MN man's motorcycle's totaled, but gear saved his life...
  2. Motorcycle Safety
    Hi everyone! I have a black GMAX G69 helmet and needed to make sure I am visible at night, since there wasnt much reflective material on my helmet. This was a DIY project I undertook, not too complicated, to ensure my helmet was really visible at night, using reflective tape. I used the 3M...
  3. Motorcycle Safety
    So i made it through my first season on my 86 vn750 learned a lot got comfortable with the bike ( but not too comfortable that i am oblivious) got my emdorsement and put 2000 miles on my ride, the comingnup season me and a friend ormtwo want to take an all day trip, i would like suggestions on...
1-3 of 3 Results