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  1. Replacing OEM Vulcan 750 seat - best option for a large guy?

    Ive been looking around and trying to figure out what is the best aftermarket seat for my 2002 Vulcan 750. Im large guy (6 foot, 300 lbs) and need wider seat. I like Mustang seat but it's kind of expensive and I'm not sure if I can even get it now days, even used. At least there is nothing...
  2. Walmart Fieldline motocycle backpack Review

    It was tax free weekend her in SC and NC so decided to look for some cheap work pants/shirts. I went by the lame motorcycle section and there was a box of these backpacks for $34.95 so I took one out and had a look at it and was fairly impressed so I went ahead and purchased it. Glad I did...