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  1. MF battery or New Stator?

    I have a 1992 VN750 and it just doesn't seem to be charging the battery very well (hooked it up to a volt meter and it is only cranking like 13 at 5K rpm's... The shop said there's no real good way to tell if the stator/rotor is bad except to just replace... they also say it's more often the...
  2. Front Brakes seized while riding...Ouch!

    Wheels, Suspension and Brakes
    So my bike sat outside (covered) for 6 months. Prior to that, I had rebuilt the carbs and did the earshave. The bike was running perfectly. So after the 6 months of sitting, I decided to dust her off and get back to riding again. She fired right up after charging the battery. As I took her...
  3. Balancer-Damper Gear/Rotor Marks ???

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I searched and the results weren't really definitive, and didn't match the pic in the manual. The manual shows it using the mark that's right below the four drill holes, some pics here conflicted. Finishing up the stator job, I have to redo the mark alignment because I know they aren't lined...
  4. I believe I have angered the motorcycle gods somehow

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I finally got the engine out to do my balance damper replacement. When I went to pull the side cover off I saw a piece of what I thought was damper fall on the floor. Upon further inspection of the piece I realized it was a gear tooth after fighting back the desire to cry I took the cover the...
  5. newbie post

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    :smiley_th First off, I've been cruising this sight for 2-3 months and am really impressed with the love and support you people offer fellow riders. My skullcap's off to all of you!:smiley_th I've been privileged to use many resources, especially those diagramming the stator re/re and engine...