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  1. Main Fuse keeps blowing

    Hi, I just got my first Kawasaki Vulcan 750 with 14k miles from 1995. I have a few problems with it. The bike would start after 2 days, and run well for 5 minutes, then sputter, and the throttle would not do anything. After this the fuse is blown every single time. Now the fuse blows as soon...
  2. Starter Relay Question.

    My bike just suddenly didn't want to start right up on this 90+ degree day. Seems like the relay just wants to click and once in a while let her try to start. Any info on this would be great and also is there a prefered replacement for this part as there is with many discussed on here. Thank...
  3. Junction Box

    Hi Guys I have finally got round to doing the junction box mod on my bike, I had to buy another used JB as my old one was badly corroded, the one I bought has the same part no: 26021 but when I have opened it up there is only one single relay in there : MR 301- its an (NEC) relay, I was...
  4. relay?

    so I just recently got a 2001 Vulcan 750, the headlight lamp on the cluster is on which I know means the bulb is burnt out and the relay is running the bright on dim. now I haven't been able to get a new headlight bulb yet but my front running and tail lights are not on, turn signals work when...
  5. 94 VN750 in Kansas City

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All. Just bought a 94 VN 750 on Friday. Halfway through my dusk/evening ride home from the purchase the headlight began to flicker on and off. On for a minute, off for a minute. I replaced the fuse and checked the bulb. Both appear to be good. Issue persists. After scouring the forums my...
  6. Junction box

    Hi guys I couldn't find another thread about this, I have seen a video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYaXeErd1Fw its about changing the relays inside the junction box which is a sealed unit and expensive to buy if you can still by them at all, the guy in the vid bought the relays...
  7. I think I messed up my starter

    So I pulled my starter to rebuild, the brush part didn't fit. Put it back together and all I got was rapid clicking from the relay (and a little smoke from the starter). I pulled the starter again and ground down the brush plate so it would fit. Got everything installed and the starter turns...
  8. Turn Signal Flasher - Heads Up

    Washed my girl yesterday, while waiting for the gang to show up, the skies opened up and she got rinsed again, a real frog swamper. We also got caught in the rain twice on the road and huddled in someone's tractor shed for quite a while, luckily nobody complained. The ride back was interesting...
  9. Starter relay problem?

    So I let my buddy ride my bike while i was out of town as a thank you for helping me drive to go get it and all that. While I'm gone he had a seal pop out holding coolant and now also the bike wont turn over. I had been having issues starting the bike up once in a while thinking its just an old...