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  1. Stator and/or r/r?

    I got mine vn750 over half a year ago but was already experiencing problems with the battery back then. Hadn't really looked at it until today I decided to do some tests. I also did replace the battery since then but same result. Testing at the battery would only give ~12-12.3 dc even at 5k...
  2. Replaced Stator and R/R and battery still not charging

    I've replaced the stator and the R/R in my '95 Vulcan 750, and I'm still only reading battery voltage regardless of the engine speed. I've got a few ideas to try and was hoping to get your guys' feedback. 1. It's possible that the new stator is no good. I plan on checking the voltage between...
  3. New Stator & Rectifier still not charging battery PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I have read many threads on here and have not found what I am looking for. I put a brand new stator in the bike and it burnt up the rectifier. I put in a brand new rectifier and now it is all functioning properly and the battery still will not charge. I spent extra money on a new gel no...
  4. Double wammy!

    Looks like I'm going to have to install a stator and a rectifier! Both failed tests. Anything I should do while I'm inside replacing stator? What else will I need as far as gaskets and stuff goes? Also should I go MOSFET for the rectifier instead? I've heard guys going that route. Any...
  5. beefing up the chargind system Part 1.. the R/R

    I just ordered a few parts to Build a MC 3 Phase Voltage Regulator/Rectifier... Supposed specs is 14.5V constant over all rpm ranges. The parts are supposed to be coming in the mail early next week. Once I get this all soldered up, I will post more... along with real time power ratings...