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  1. Carbs and Fuel System
    Hey guys, so i have been wondering about different options for intakes and fueling other then stock or the standard ear shave. I know some people have tried single carb conversions but they usually have balance problems. I thought of a few things like a single or dual mikuni hsr with a...
  2. Carbs and Fuel System
    Backstory Bought this bike in June, knowing it needed a little love. Turns out it needed a lot more love than I expected. I've replaced: wiring harness, battery, R&R, front brakes, key ignition, junction box. Just when I thought I had everything running, bike broke down on trip to NY from DC...
  3. New Member Introductions
    About 6mo ago I bought a 1999 vn750 that had been raked out with Harley Davidson Sportster fenders with very bad electrical problems that needed new tires wheel bearings for $1800, the perfect bike for me because if I can't wrench on it it is not for me:smiley_th. The previous owner removed the...
1-3 of 3 Results