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  1. Tapping noise, or is this normal?

    VN750 General Discussion
    I havent noticed this sound before. Is it ok to use the bike as it is?
  2. Chirping

    VN750 General Discussion
    I have this strange chirping sound that comes and goes . Seems to be around more often then not now. Any ideas . I'll attach the vid Thanks
  3. European Exhausts

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hello all! I'm in the process of doing up a fairly neglected '96 model, and whilst I do intend to keep her as standard as possible, I would like to make a change to the exhausts. I'd really like to "improve" the sound from them. Not necessarily to make them louder, but to deepen the tone into...
  4. How loud are Cruzers? Degoated Stock?

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I am looking to modify my exhaust to be moderately louder. I have searched these boards and found plenty of information about degoating and V&H cruzers, but a lot of it is conflicting. There doesn't seem to be any consensus on which pipe mod is louder. Well, I know I'm not interested in the...
  5. I believe I have angered the motorcycle gods somehow

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I finally got the engine out to do my balance damper replacement. When I went to pull the side cover off I saw a piece of what I thought was damper fall on the floor. Upon further inspection of the piece I realized it was a gear tooth after fighting back the desire to cry I took the cover the...