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  1. Electrical
    Bought a project bike for cheap, was having weak spark problems I find the ignitor box melted an crispy. Replaced it with new now I have no spark??
  2. Electrical
    I bought my 95 VN750 last spring and it has been an excellent bike to learn on, Took a 1400 mile trek on it this summer but as I got into fall it started giving me some trouble. I had no spark to the front cylinder and after screwing around I traced it to a broken wire between the pickup coils...
  3. Northeast Region
    A starting problem VN750. There is no sparks on the rear cylinder when starting. The front gives a good sparks. Needs a car battery to start. The CDI box is OK. I have tested it with another box and there was same issue. When it starts up it goes and goes really well !! It charges the battery...
  4. Electrical
    just replaced the stator on my 90 vn750, we go to hit the starter button and nothing happens, so we try to jump the starter and it cranks for ever but wont start. checked to see if it had spark,nothing, has fuel in both cylinders but no spark. both coils are hooked up as well. what other wires...
  5. Electrical
    Hello, I recently did some work on my 91 vn750. After putting everything back on the bike I went to start i t and was getting no spark in all cylinders. I checked the IC ignitor and traced the problem back to a loose stator wire. I repaired the problem and then the bike started..... for a few...
1-5 of 5 Results