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  1. Another Vulcan rider in DFW

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I have been lurking on the forum for awhile before joining and I wanted to thank you all so much for all the information and time yall have dedicated to this forum, it has helped me out so much! So a little about me, This is my first motorcycle and it has taught me alot in such a...
  2. Traction and Cornering/Turning Question(s)

    VN750 General Discussion
    Well, not sure I have seen this directly addressed here so gonna give it a go. As I have said several times I am new to motorcycle riding. About 3 months under my belt. That said, I feel pretty dog on confident on my bike riding the turns and corners we have here when dry outside-there are...
  3. New to riding

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Mike everyone calls me Lobo (it's a comic book character and also means wolf in Spanish) I live in northern Indiana and drive truck for a small company. I have a loving wife and two great kids. I just started riding this year. I did ride dirt bikes when i was younger...
  4. Howdy from Columbia, MO

    New Member Introductions
    Hey there all, New rider and Vulcan caretaker in central Missouri here. I married into the family just last week and am still trying to make a good first impression :baby:. 2004 going on 8500 miles--got me 320 miles from Arkansas with hardly a hiccup, but it was setting a while before I came...
  5. GA riders

    Southeast Region
    I'm a self taught rider ( I googled how to ride a bike and then bought one) who has been riding alone the last few years. Living North of Atlanta (Maysville 30558) I'd love to hook up and ride in the hills with others, hopefully I'd learn a little and the company would be nice. Any other...