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    Hi All, Thanks for letting me join, I'm based in UK and just got my lovely VN750 and so looking forward to riding him. Stay safe, stay well and stay riding :) Jean
  2. New Member Introductions
    Greetings the people my names Tim, but I’d prefer to be addressed as Pop Tart or simply, Pop for short. Located in DUBUQUE, Iowa. I picked up this ‘86 a few weeks ago and this is my 4th motorcycle. I’m certainly no Wizard but I’m pretty handy with a wrench. I enjoy diagnostics and am certainly...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone!! Proud new owner of a brand new 1986 Vulcan 750 here 😄 A little about myself - I am a 28 year old HVAC technician living in Southern New Jersey. Right across the bridge from Philadelphia. I've been riding motorcycles for about 10 years now, my parents raised me to be a Harley...
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    Hey all! I have never actually found a forum I wanted to join, so this whole thing is new to me.. Apologies if this is not the right spot to post. My father passed away last year unexpectedly, so with all of those circumstances comes getting stuff off the property.. As we were going through...
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    Hey all. Former Marine here who hasn't been on a bike in 26 years. Last bike I owned/rode was an '89 VN750. Loved that bike. Took it to Europe and rode up and down Italy and into Germany. Life has a way sidetracking a person and it caused me to stop riding. Decided to get back on 2 wheels and...
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    Hello all, My name is Cameron and I recently purchased an '05 VN750 to get back into riding. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and learned to ride a Honda Shadow before sharing a HD 883 Iron with my dad. I recently graduated from Miami University and am now living in Cincinnati. With extra time on...
1-6 of 6 Results