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  1. Foot Clutch Lever won't engage, stuck in neutral

    Transmission / Rear End
    Hi All, So the other day I rode up to a stop light and downshifted trying to get to first, however, it got stuck in neutral. Now the clutch lever (foot) does not engage anything and can swing back and forth (it is still spring operated). Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem, or...
  2. Engine doesnt turn over when starting in nuetral

    Posting another problem..... My motorcycle decided it doesn't want to even try to turn the engine over in neutral, and sometimes also not in first. I do all the normal stuff, turn the key, flip the switch, put on the choke, pull the clutch lever, and put up the side stand, then hit the start...
  3. Neutral Clutch & Gear issues.

    Transmission / Rear End
    Hi all Totally new to this forum, have read a lot of helpful things on here previously though so thanks for that. Not that long ago i started getting the famous coffee grinder noise, to begin with i was horrified. But after reading about it on here i figured I'd have the clutch basket drilled...