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  1. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hello all, first I want to start my first post with a big thank you for all the information that has been shared on this forum. I have been lurking for awhile and it has helped me tremendously with my first bike. It is a 2004 Vulcan 750 that I got 2 months ago with 16,000 miles, I'm up to 17,500...
  2. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I've searched threads and couldn't find an answer. I purchased a set of EMGO Turnouts. I thought I was ordering a set that came with mounting brackets, but it seems I thought wrong. I have an '03 VN750 that still has what appears to be the stock mufflers. Will the stock brackets work for the...
  3. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I recently bought a 2002 750 Vulcan, its been 20 yrs since I had a bike. My question is can i run straight pipes or do i need mufflers? Will I burn up the valves?
1-3 of 4 Results