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  1. Rear Seat Delete/Trunk install

    Hey folks new rider here, ive got a 2001 vn750, its got a sissy bar on it and nothing else super special. However, i often ride with a change of clothes, or extra jackets or need space for groceries. Long story short a trunk or large saddle bags would be superb. Furthermore, due to my lack of...
  2. Thunder Products Carb Mods

    Carbs and Fuel System
    Ok so quick question for all of ya, have any of you guys ever tried products or more specifically the carburetor products from this company before? the website is at thunderproducts.com if anyone has any info on these please let me know, some of these things seem like they could really work and...
  3. Ear Shave question

    Carbs and Fuel System
    While looking into the ear shave, I'm curious to know if we can simply put a extension off the carb with a simple filter on the end. sort of like a "short ram" on a car. I would think as long as your not RESTRICTING air flow it should work fine..right? Any input would be appreciated!:motorcycl