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  1. Carbs & Fuel System
    Ok, I realized I had an extra carb so I wanted to figure out why my idle was so high after synching my carbs. Well, it makes sense if you watch the video. Also, I tested for air leaks and found none using propane and WD40. The propane thing is kinda scary yo. Video is here...
  2. Carbs & Fuel System
    OK, so far I've doine the ear shave and Marbling (Coasters are hard to come by apparently). I have stock pipes on a 1995 vn750. The bike has a buzz around 3500 to 4500 rpm so I embarked on the carb synch. I bought the guages and I gotta say, I just didn't get warm and fuzzies from the reading...
  3. Carbs & Fuel System
    I'm ready to put my rebuilt carbs back together and then sync them. I bought the stuff to make the manometer based of this design: http://www.powerchutes.com/manometer.asp I bought 10' of 1/4" tubing though...do I need 12' or 1/8" like it says? Anyway, I read on the Verses how to sync the carbs...
1-3 of 3 Results