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  1. Transmission / Rear End
    So this Saturday my wife had orchestra rehearsal the whole day, so I got to work on my bike! It was great bonding time. :motorcycl I patched up the nail in the rear tire, put K&N air filters in her, installed V&H cruzers, and.... checked the spline... theres the rub. Right as I removed the final...
  2. Transmission / Rear End
    Asked my Kawi dealer for some Moly 60. He did some checking with his mechanics and verified they've been using the BelRay waterproof grease on splines. This is the shop owner, not just some computer operator working the counter, and when asked if they've burned up any splines, he said no...
  3. Transmission / Rear End
    Greetings all, After much procrastination I finally started to dig into the rear of the bike following my Memorial Day fiasco...based on descriptions of my problem and similar postings here it sure sounds like I didn't lube my driveshaft spline in time, with the bike on the centerstand and the...
  4. Transmission / Rear End
    So I'm gearing up to do some spline lubing for the first time on the VN750 I bought a month ago and I want to replace the o-ring, but I don't know which to get. Here are the ones listed in the manual. I've never done this before so I don't know which is which (even from the diagram) or which...
1-4 of 4 Results