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  1. LED bulbs vs. Stock bulbs

    I have a LED lighting kit installed on my bike that lights up the engine, tires, and road, so I wanted to reduce the load on the battery by changing out the bulbs to LEDs. I ended up buying some LEDs that I considered to be the most reasonably priced for the brightness level. The LEDs I got are...
  2. Oddity possibly with the engine

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi everyone. First post to the site! I've looked around the forum and couldn't find a case of this. It may be nothing- but it's annoying. If I use my bike in city style riding for 30 mins or so this has been popping up lately. The 2 indicator lights for the turn signals both slowly come on...
  3. Flasher help please

    Ok I have a 1991 Vulcan 750, and the rear blinkers were a mess when I bought the bike used, but they worked fine. I ended up replacing my rear blinker lights with some LED blinkers, (without changing the original flasher in the bike) since they had started to fall apart. The LEDs worked fine for...