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  1. Turn Signals

    Hey guys, I pulled my bike out of the garage last night and got it running after the winter. I took it for a shakedown ride and noticed that the turn signal indicator on the cluster flashes really fast. The front left turn signal doesn't work and the rear left flashes quickly. I would assume...
  2. LED bulbs vs. Stock bulbs

    I have a LED lighting kit installed on my bike that lights up the engine, tires, and road, so I wanted to reduce the load on the battery by changing out the bulbs to LEDs. I ended up buying some LEDs that I considered to be the most reasonably priced for the brightness level. The LEDs I got are...
  3. L & R Turn Indicator LED conversion

    Hi Guys, hope you've all had a good Christmas! I have decided to change my Vulcan 750's Indicator (turn signal) over to LED, the rear ones where easy old ones off and new ones on but its the front where I am having difficulties, on my indicators there is a yellow wire and a black wire...
  4. 1156 led board for a $BUCK$

    This just came in the mail from ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320456770654 I installed one in the rear blinker and was very impressed with the brightness, quality, and quick service from the seller. Fit right in, no mods required. It has my VN750 approval to...