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  1. Wanting Pointers on Oil Leak!

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I just purchased a 1995 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 from a dealer for an amazing price. I took it home and noticed that it actually had an oil leak - now I know why I got it for $800. This is my first bike ever, so I am really disappointed as the dealership said that everything was perfect. I have...
  2. Oil leak from breater Hose

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi Guys Can anyone advise on this, I went out on my bike when I came home I found that my boots and the side of the bike were covered in oil when I investigated this it looks as though the oil is peeing out of a small breather hose Any thoughts ??
  3. Petcock leak

    Carbs and Fuel System
    So, I recently laid my bike down at high speed and I went from smelling gas, to a visible leak out of the petcock. Now it could be just not seated firmly because of the accident, but I don't think so. It only leaks when the engine is running and in the ON position. Any thoughts? I know, pretty...
  4. Small hole in front cylinder head

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi, what is this small hole? When the engine is hot, there is dripping oil out of it. It is at front of the front cylinder head, below the BREATHER JOINT (Ref#92005) (Part#14067-006)
  5. Some help to keep my bike going strong!

    VN750 General Discussion
    Im new to the forum and am super grateful for all the help Ive got from all you guys. I just recently got my bike and have been working on her to make sure she lasts me a long time :motorcycl . I got her with 17k miles. Shes a 2004 with saddle bags, windshield, cruise control, and highway...
  6. High Crankcase Pressure and Very Odd Oil Leak

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    My 86 vn750 has developed an odd oil leak. It seems like there is too much pressure in the crankcase, but I'm not sure. When I shut the bike off, air vents out of the leaking hole for about 30 seconds. You can see in the picture where the leak is. This "hole" is located to the right of the...
  7. Oil Leak from clutch cover or hose

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I have a minor oil leak that is becoming increasingly more of a problem. I can't pinpoint where the leak is coming from quite yet, but I suspect the 2 hoses coming out of the rear end of my clutch cover. All pictures are on the left side of the bike. Has anyone seen this or have recommendations...
  8. Black hose flopping about

    VN750 General Discussion
    So, out of the blue, my '94 Vulcan's temperature guage starts to climb. Now, I've had my share of issues with this bike, all expensive, of course, but this is a new one. We limp home as she's scraping the bottom of the red, not overheating but not far from it. When I first bought the bike, it...
  9. Front carb filling cylinder. Help!

    Carbs and Fuel System
    Hi guys new to this site. Just bought a 93 Vulcan 750 with 10k miles. When I bought it, the bike ran, but ran poorly (got a good price on it.) I took off the carbs and got them professionally cleaned. The prior owner lived on a dirt road and didn't bother with air filters, so the carbs were...
  10. Leaking fuel from intake and dead cylinder

    Carbs and Fuel System
    So I have a 91 vn750. Did some engine work an finally got it all back together. I have cobra pipes and earshave, with 38 pilots and 140 main jets. Carbs have been completely rebuilt, all new parts. The bike will start and run if holding the throttle slightly open. I am leaking an abnormal amount...
  11. I sprung a leak!!

    Carbs and Fuel System
    I just bought a 1984 ZN700 about a month ago. I have rode it to and from work about a dozen times with no problems. I took it for my first longer ride this weekend, and started leaking gas! I rode about 200 miles, and then the bike sat for about 2 days, when I took it out the next time i...
  12. Final Drive leaking small amt of Gear Oil

    Transmission / Rear End
    I have a 2005 with 22K and I have noticed after doing some more hi-way riding I have a small coating of gear oil on the rear wheel hub. Looks as if it has been drawn out past the seal by centrifugal force. There is no leak puddle after the bike has sat parked for a week. I wanted to find out if...
  13. Coolant Pipe Leaking

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I have a 1986 Vulcan 750. I recently pulled the motor to fix some timing problems. After reinstalling the motor, I have had nothing but coolant leaks and issues from the right side cover and that P.O.S. coolant tube that goes from the cover to block. I ditched the stock felt gasket and have been...