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junction box

  1. Junction Box

    Hi Guys I have finally got round to doing the junction box mod on my bike, I had to buy another used JB as my old one was badly corroded, the one I bought has the same part no: 26021 but when I have opened it up there is only one single relay in there : MR 301- its an (NEC) relay, I was...
  2. Junction box

    Hi guys I couldn't find another thread about this, I have seen a video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYaXeErd1Fw its about changing the relays inside the junction box which is a sealed unit and expensive to buy if you can still by them at all, the guy in the vid bought the relays...
  3. Junction box/R&R project

    My first winter with a Vulcan is coming up and I was looking at doing the R&R replacement with a Mosfet regulator. I was looking at how it tied into the junction box and realized I might as well just deal with both in the same project. I found this thread...
  4. Repairable Junction Box... The Junkction Box with Automotive Relays.

    Thread title says it all, I have finally gotten pictures of the "NEW JB" uploaded... and with out further ado