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  1. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Okay so my 91 had some carb issues, took it out and got them cleaned. Put them back in(no thanks to Kawasaki for the angle you have to put them inšŸ˜’. I had taken the therm housing, hoses off to make sure there was nothing i need replaced since i only just bought the bike. Well the bolt that goes...
  2. Transmission / Rear End
    I don't know how you guys call this part that join the engine and shaft. Does it is suppose to blow out some air and little drips of oil. If not, can you advise how to fix it. I add the photo so it could be identify. Note: it has a rubbr cover, i just remove. VN750, 1989 with 19,000 miles
  3. Great Lakes Region
    Hey yall i recently came a across a issue with my 1990 Vulcan 750. came back from a ride one day put er in the shed came out next day to give it a good cleaning and went to go start er up and only the red oil light and green Neutral light came on and nothing else would work blinker, headlights...
  4. Electrical
    Hello all! i've just purchased a 2003 kawasaki vulcan 750 and the two rear turn signals were hanging down because the rubber was dry rotted. so I went and bought these ones from revzilla that are LED https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/bike-master-arrow-head-led-turn-signals Only problem is they...
1-4 of 4 Results