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  1. Turn Signals

    Hey guys, I pulled my bike out of the garage last night and got it running after the winter. I took it for a shakedown ride and noticed that the turn signal indicator on the cluster flashes really fast. The front left turn signal doesn't work and the rear left flashes quickly. I would assume...
  2. relay?

    so I just recently got a 2001 Vulcan 750, the headlight lamp on the cluster is on which I know means the bulb is burnt out and the relay is running the bright on dim. now I haven't been able to get a new headlight bulb yet but my front running and tail lights are not on, turn signals work when...
  3. 94 VN750 in Kansas City

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All. Just bought a 94 VN 750 on Friday. Halfway through my dusk/evening ride home from the purchase the headlight began to flicker on and off. On for a minute, off for a minute. I replaced the fuse and checked the bulb. Both appear to be good. Issue persists. After scouring the forums my...
  4. Headlight issue

    Hello all, I noticed on my way to work yesterday that my headlight was out. What happens, is the headlight comes on normally when you first start the bike. Both high beam and low beam work fine, but after riding for about a minute, the headlight goes out, and does not come back on at all. If I...
  5. Headlight delay

    Is it possible to wire a delay into the headlight to keep it off for 10-15 seconds? no major issues but i think it would leave more amps to crank the engine and start quicker (when I have to leave really quickly).
  6. Flash flood=no lights!!!

    What the heck! Flash flood in July in California! Had crazy rain while I was at church. My bike was outside exposed to heavy rain for over 10 minutes. Now I've got no lights period! Starts fine, runs fine. Any ideas what happened? Did it short out? Will it come back after it dries?
  7. Help - just replaced R/R and headlight won't come on

    Recently my R/R burnt out. One of the connectors on the yellow wires from the stator turned black and began to melt the plastic connector. The white wire did melt the connector and the heat caused the connector on the r/r (for the white wire) to actually break off. I noticed at the time that...
  8. Headlight failure

    symptoms: No headlight - high or low beam. Headlight failure light is not lit. Headlight bulb is new, fuse is good. With engine running voltage at bulb connector is less than 0.1 v. With engine running pulled connector to reserve light device, also no voltage reading greater than 0.1 v. Tried...
  9. New R/R. Now headlight won't work?

    So I tested my R/R to find that was bad. After looking into my options I went with the Mosfet FH012AA upgrade discussed here. As per the instructions that came with the R/R and from http://www.roadstercycle.com/ I wired the 3 yellow wires from the stator directly to the 3 plugs on left of the...
  10. Headlight Trouble

    So stupid me I left my key in the ignition a week back and killed the battery. It is a brand new sealed battery so no problem I recharge it and the bike runs fine. When I tried cranking it up I noticed that the head light didn't work, This I thought was because the battery wasn't fully charged...