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headlight not working

  1. Headlight problems, related to clutch?

    Alright fellers, I've got another head scratcher for you. (At least it's a head scratcher to me, I'm hoping someone here knows what is going on right away and can tell me) After I got my cylinder flooding issue taken care of, I took my bike out for a number of rides. I've cumulatively been out...
  2. Brake light that controls the headlight...?

    So after several days of tearing down my 1993 Vn750 I've decided to post here. My headlight works when it feels like. At an idle the headlight is always on, but while cruising and accelerating it'll cut off and on randomly... And another weird symptom, I find that if the headlight cuts of if I...
  3. Headlight help

    Hey everybody, I have a 94 vulcan 750 and I am wanting to sell...but the head light is not working. I have checked all the obvious things like fuses and bulb. I even bought a new reserve lighting device that goes under the seat. All to no avail. I thought maybe someone might have an idea...
  4. Help - just replaced R/R and headlight won't come on

    Recently my R/R burnt out. One of the connectors on the yellow wires from the stator turned black and began to melt the plastic connector. The white wire did melt the connector and the heat caused the connector on the r/r (for the white wire) to actually break off. I noticed at the time that...