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  1. Carbs & Fuel System
    Okay, I am a bit of a newb but this site has been my resource. I have been able to find answers to almost any issue I have had with my vulcan here. I bought a 94 a few months ago and it has ran great until recently. It seemed that all of a sudden I had top end sputtering when I gave it a lot of...
  2. VN750 General Discussion
    So until today my bike was pretty solid. It started up fine this morning. I drove myself and my girlfriend to brunch at a restaurant. Then it started up again just fine after we were done eating. Dropped GF off at our apt, then got back on the road for a 3-hour ride. After riding for an...
  3. Carbs & Fuel System
    Hi everyone.... I rode my bike home last night and all was fine in fact it's been running real good since I put a MCCT on the front cylinder. I went to go out last night after about an hour of down time and only got just around the corner before the bike died. It starts fine but when I get to...
1-3 of 3 Results