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  1. VN750 General Discussion
    The day of otherness I was riding on the freeway and something strange happened. I didn’t check my speed, but I was looking at the rpms. I going around 6K rpm in 5th gear and then suddenly the rpm dropped to 2K and went back up to 6k. This happened in the span of 1-2 seconds. The bike behaved...
  2. VN750 General Discussion
    Another new rider question my bike is running around 4500 rpms on the freeway (65mph) is that normal. Thanks
  3. Carbs and Fuel System
    I'm new to the forum, and looked all night for a similar issue but couldn't find one, so I'm hoping someone can help. '98 VN750, CA Model. Carbs rebuilt about a year and 1500 miles ago (previous owner, I have the receipt though) At about 70mph last night the bike randomly Bottomed out on...
1-3 of 3 Results