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    Looking for an aftermarket exhaust for a 92 VN750 or looking for the best place to get one online? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. 2005 Kawasaki VN750 For Sale (Texas) ($2100 OBO)

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    I recently bought a 750, mechanically seems to be in good working order. After buying it and riding it for a while (a few hundred miles in the past few days), I have decided I would like something a little bigger for long distance cruising. I just had it tuned up and the mechanic said it was...
  3. At Wits' End

    VN750 General Discussion
    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but I haven't rode in a couple of years now. Had heart problems that eventually resulted in my dropping the bike. Luckily not much damage to me or the bike. After lots of tests I learned my heart takes naps for a few seconds once in a while, which lays me out...
  4. Nice! 2005 750 VN For Sale

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    Hello, After considering it through the winter, I have decided to sell my Vulcan. I can honestly say it is in great condition. The price includes saddlebags, windshield, cam adjusters, DC outlet, cruise control lever, watch holder, chrome saddlebag guards, rear, chrome luggage rack, voltmeter...
  5. Selling my trusty 750. Cross country proven.

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    My personal bike is for sale. This will probably be my last 750 ever. I'll still be around, but I don't get on any forums much these days. Sorry I don't have more pictures. I can get more if anyone is interested, but there isn't much more to see if you know a 750. Asking $1500. Clean title...
  6. 1986 vn750 parts or whole bike for sale

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    Selling my 1986 vn750. Bought as a project to bob but has become too time and money consuming. Everythin i have bought for it is for sale as well. Let me know what your lookin for and i will tell you if i have it. Located in north central pennsyvalia. Will do my best to ship parts anywhere
  7. 1993 Vulcan $1,000 obo (running, stuck in neutral)

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    Hi All, I'm selling my 1993 Vulcan because it recently broke down and I am leaving soon so I won't have enough time to fix it. A couple of days ago I rode up to a stop light and down shifted, for some reason the bike got stuck in neutral. The foot lever still has its full range of motion and is...
  8. Foot Clutch Lever won't engage, stuck in neutral

    Transmission / Rear End
    Hi All, So the other day I rode up to a stop light and downshifted trying to get to first, however, it got stuck in neutral. Now the clutch lever (foot) does not engage anything and can swing back and forth (it is still spring operated). Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem, or...
  9. 86 Vn750 For sale bad stator $300 Central WI

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    Hey there, I bought it when I was seventeen a little naïve and itching for a bobber project. Its still stock, I Never got to the stator so its just sitting in my garage. I think its a fair price and it could still make a cool project for someone who wants to put time into the bike. Its not...
  10. New Saddleman Seat For Sale

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    In an attempt to make my '93 VN750 fit me better, I special ordered a Saddleman seat over the winter, took 3 weeks to get it (they only make it upon special order now) and my butt has been in the new saddle exactly 3 times before I finally have to admit that the bike is simply too tall for me...
  11. Selling 1985 VN700 in Baltimore area

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    $700 buys you a great project bike. Titled w/ only 14500 miles. It needs the following things: Shifter shaft needs to be switched out (replacement included). Tank should be resealed (brand new sealer kit included). Carbs need to be cleaned (carb cleaner and fresh gasket included). Needs a new...
  12. Windshield for Sale $25

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    With the weather getting chillier in the coming months, it's a good time to pick up a little protection from the breeze. For sale is a simple bolt-on windshield. As far as I know it should fit all the Vulcan 700/750s. Check out the pics, it does have scratches down low from being installed...
  13. Unfinished Luggage Racks - $30

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    I used to make Luggage Racks for our bikes modeled off the discontinued Fire and Steel ones. Here's the original thread: http://www.vn750.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18081http://www.vn750.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18081 I ended up building a jig and bending up a few racks. Things came up and...
  14. Make/Sell your own Luggage Racks - working Jig for sale

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    I used to make/sell luggage racks for our bikes that were modeled after the original chrome Fire and Steel ones for the Vulcan 750s. I did the first couple free hand and then built a jig to bend the racks around. It's much easier and more consistent and seems to produce a very well shaped rack...
  15. Final Drive - Good Splines

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    Sold my 2 VN750s a couple weeks back and so I'm cleaning out the garage. Will be posting a few things over the next week or so. Final Drive on eBay. Splines and seals look good. Let me know if ya have any questions! It's a No Reserve auction starting at $0.01, so bid to win! The eBay Listing...
  16. Chrome Engine Guard / Crash Bar for Sale

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    Sold my 2 VN750s a couple weeks back and so I'm cleaning out the garage. Will be posting a few things over the next week or so. Engine Guard / Crash Bar up on eBay. Very good condition. Has a scratch indicated in the pic - pretty hard to see. Let me know if ya have any questions! It's a No...
  17. Parts Bike

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    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I could expect to get for my bike if I sold it complete as a parts bike. It is a 2000 Vulcan 750. It was running as an everday driver 2 years ago. Everything is complete on the bike, the problem I ran into was a bad mechanic. I took the bike...
  18. OEM Kawi bags, T/S relocator brackets and supports

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    Just cleaning out the garage and found my nearly new OEM Kawi Leather bags, chrome turn signal relocator brackets and chrome bag supports all still in superior condition. I installed the Kawi Touring package with its own hard sided bags and bag supports right after I bought the leather ones and...
  19. Very Clean 2003 VN750 For Sale

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    I am selling my 03' VN 750. I am the second owner, it has a clear Ohio title and I have had it since June of 04. It was my "return to riding bike". Hadnt riden in bout 20 years. It's been a GREAT BIKE...Ready for something a little bigger now. 8162 miles Excellent Condition-(always...
  20. 1997 Vulcan 750 for Parts or Project Bike (AS IS)

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    1997 Vulcan 750 for Parts or Project Bike (AS IS) - LOWER PRICE Hey Everyone, This is a Kawasaki Vulcan VN750. I have the title for the bike in hand. I am selling the bike for parts or as a project bike. It does need work, but it will start up, the idol is rough cause it needs a good carb...