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  1. Classifieds
    My bike is on the road again...Woo Hoo ! I'll be headed Northward (in my motor home/RV) from Houston reaching PA/NJ/NY around the 26th/28th. If I am passing your house, shout at me. I'll stop and at least say hello. Extra parts for sale are: All four Foot Pegs EDIT: Stock Shift Pedal/Lever...
  2. Projects & Builds
    I'm thinking about doing some cross model swaps on my 95 VN750. Any feedback on taking a VN800 fender and putting it on the 750? This would be part of a bigger conversion project. Thinking about retrofitting a seat off an 800 as well. Can get the parts fairly cheap on ebay and I'm not afraid of...
  3. Projects & Builds
    Greetings. See my intro in the new members section if you want more info about me and my bike. I am going to repaint my all but new and barely broken in 1992 VN750. I am a crazy sort and always up for adventure so I want to do it myself. I do have a compressor but don't really want to buy a...
1-3 of 3 Results