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  1. Tapping noise, or is this normal?

    VN750 General Discussion
    I havent noticed this sound before. Is it ok to use the bike as it is?
  2. bike dies after 10 min

    Gents, Here's the issue. bought the bike and have been dealing with it dying after 2 miles when test driving it. Took it out to test her and she made it one lap (3/4mile) so I left her running once I got back and checked the battery she was sitting at 13.5v. Went for another lap(3/4mile) and...
  3. Missfire

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hey guys, in need of some help asap, while I was out on my ride today I had no problems till heading home, randomly one of the cylinders stopped firing, it helped a little when i shifted down but after a min or two of riding it cleaned up. any ideas of what could be wrong? my guess is there is...
  4. Overbore and Compression Ratio

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    So I was thinking about rebuilding my engine next year. I have a few things i want to do a few things while i have it all apart. Two things i really want to do is to have it bored out a bit, and i want to raise the compression ratio to somewhere around 11.5:1. i have a few other things i'm gonna...
  5. Painting engine question

    Projects and Builds
    I had an accident last month and since I'm having to replace a few things (rip Vance and Hines pipe) I decided that this is the perfect time to paint the engine. I'm basically doing a complete tear down and re-painting/polishing everything down to the last bolt. So that brings me to the engine...
  6. Broken Bolt Mount - Leaking Oil

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Have had my 750 for about 4 months now. Just started to notice some oil on the garage floor. I am not a mechanical guy, so please forgive incorrect lingo and ignorance. Got under the bike and noticed one of the bolts that hold the two engine halves together has a broken mount. There is a bit of...
  7. Oil leak from breater Hose

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi Guys Can anyone advise on this, I went out on my bike when I came home I found that my boots and the side of the bike were covered in oil when I investigated this it looks as though the oil is peeing out of a small breather hose Any thoughts ??
  8. Problem starting bike - pressing on red start button will not always work

    VN750 General Discussion
    Hi Y'all! Recently started having issue with starting motorcycle (VN750). When I turn on ignition and hit red start button bike wont start. I have to turn off ignition and turn it back on, then wiggle start button to make it work. Sometimes it could take up to 10 min. I'm not sure what exactly...
  9. Is this a common mod on engine block?

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    First post! Just got a 99' vulcan 750 from a friend for $1000. My first bike! He included the helmet. So the bike starts up ok. I was having a hard time getting it over 4000rpms but I think I solved that issue too with some carb cleaner. It seems to ride pretty well too. I was inspecting the...
  10. Parting out engine

    Sell or Swap
    Hey all, First off, if this is in the wrong place, let me know and I'll repost it. I'm parting out an engine that has no compression. The PO tried getting the clutch basket off and busted it all up so the bottom half is still in one piece. I'm selling the top end and all parts included in...
  11. Engine Issues, Need Advice

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi there, I'm a relatively new rider, licensed just over a year. I've got a '94 Vulcan 750 with about 17k miles. Got her tuned up in May 2014 but recently, late September, I was riding on the highway when I experienced a sudden loss of power. My bike runs awful now. I have to keep the...
  12. motor will not rev up when in n./battery not charging

    my 86 vn750 will not rev up in neutral, it idles fine but when i give it a little roll on it sputters and misses. put it in gear and all is well. I dont get it. some emissions parts have been removed by previous owner. Also the battery will not charge, when running all electrical functions seen...
  13. 1996 Vulcan 800 Starter on a 1986 Vulcan 750

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Okay so I am shopping for a new starter for my bike. I recently got it built (I got it as a box of parts and a frame) and I attempted to start it and it would roll over a few times (difficultly) and then stop like it had a dead battery. So I put a brand new battery in it and it is still doing...
  14. replace a 700/750cc with 800cc

    VN750 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I have just been looking at maybe getting hold of a 700/750 engine so that I can have one in my bike and one striped and rebuilt ready, I live in the UK and I just cannot seem to find another 700/750cc to replace my 700cc, I have seen a couple of 800cc on ebay and I was wandering if...
  15. Grounding the Motor

    SO I am working on build a 85 Vulcan with a 86 Vulcan 750 motor from the ground up, I bought this bike in pieces and incredibly (because I have very little knowledge about bikes) I have managed to get it almost all back together with just a few issues, one of them being the ground cable that is...
  16. Vulcan Project

    Projects and Builds
    I picked up an 86 vn750 earlier in the year, rode it most of the season and fell in love with it. Unfortunately the stator went, so I figured since I had to pull the motor anyway id go through the bike and restore it/clean it up. Engine runs beautiful other than the factory cam chain tensioners...
  17. Engine RPM's Dropping to zero then back up

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    So today i took my bike to work and it was riding great, while working it started to rain a bit so i had to go home. As i pulled away and began accelorating then suddenly the rpms dropped to zero and then right back up to where they had been before, it did this in 2nd and 3rd gear a few times...
  18. Wiring Loom/Harness

    Hi Guys, After spending lots of time and money on my Vulcan 750 its now come to this! There is a major short in the wiring loom causeing the bike to try and start on its own or a complete and total loss of electrical power. whoever had the bike before me has arsed up the loom no end by...
  19. Exhaust Modification

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I have a 1986 Vulcan 750, have just stripped, cleaned and balanced the carbs aswell as some other bits. I was thinking of V&H exhaust but they'er expensive so I want to drill out my existing exhausts. How do I go about this? and would I have to have the carbs re-adjusted and re-balanced?. I am...
  20. Vibration and running issues with bike???

    VN750 General Discussion
    So I just had my engine torn apart and put back together and now I have some issues I cant figure out. (rebuild was for a broken shift linkage) I reinstalled the engine, added cobra exhaust, pod filters on carbs, rejetted, and coastered the bike. It took some work but I can start the bike and it...