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electrical problem

  1. Charging system issues: Vn 750 1995

    Hello, I have this 1995 Vulcan 750 and it has run into some electrical problems. The head light, tail light, neutral indicator light and fuel level indicators have stopped working recently. Only the turn signals were working. I tried replacing the fuses to no avail. Soon after my battery died...
  2. Charging issue!! Plz help.

    Okay. I just got the bike back. Running decent after coming from the shop. In fixed there screw ups. But my bike is still not charging..... I have replaced these things so far. R/R, stator (Its tux modded but I didn’t do it.),battery. I rode it all day and she ran till she Killed the battery...
  3. Headlight problems, related to clutch?

    Alright fellers, I've got another head scratcher for you. (At least it's a head scratcher to me, I'm hoping someone here knows what is going on right away and can tell me) After I got my cylinder flooding issue taken care of, I took my bike out for a number of rides. I've cumulatively been out...
  4. Starting Problems

    Ive got a 1986 Vulcan vn750. im having starting problems. My battery sits at 12.7 volts. When I start it nothing happens. I tried shorting the starter solenoid and it turns but doesn't get running. This leads me to believe that there is a problem with the wires between the kill switch and start...
  5. Brake light that controls the headlight...?

    So after several days of tearing down my 1993 Vn750 I've decided to post here. My headlight works when it feels like. At an idle the headlight is always on, but while cruising and accelerating it'll cut off and on randomly... And another weird symptom, I find that if the headlight cuts of if I...
  6. Special Kind of Dead Electric

    95' VN750 American So recently posted about some wiring questions about the IC's but was able to figure them out. But, currently all i have left is to Add oil after replacing a gasket, install carbeurator, install fuel tank, finish assembly of last cooling system hoses and fill cooling system...