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  1. VN750 General Discussion
    Hello Everyone, This journey of mine to get my 06 750 to function has been an insane uphill battle and now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I am relieved that I found a solution and can talk about it like an expert. There was a lot of trial and error that came along with this...
  2. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I'm working on the earshave on my bike. I'm following this procedure with one exception. I want to keep the stock reed valves, because I like the popping on decel. The separator VALVE,AIR SWITCH has one vacuum hose, two hoses that go to the cylinders, and one hose that went to the surge tank...
  3. Carbs and Fuel System
    While looking into the ear shave, I'm curious to know if we can simply put a extension off the carb with a simple filter on the end. sort of like a "short ram" on a car. I would think as long as your not RESTRICTING air flow it should work fine..right? Any input would be appreciated!:motorcycl
  4. Carbs and Fuel System
    I bought a basket case/fixer/parts bike. I did the Earshave/Coastered before I ever got it running (previous owner's mechanic told me it had a bad stator after 50k miles, which I replaced) once I got it running it has been idling high, about 2k-3k, I don't know exactly because the tach needle...
  5. Carbs and Fuel System
  6. Carbs and Fuel System
    This is much quicker than the hour or so some have reported for sawing the box into pieces to remove it. The key to removing the airbox in one piece is unplugging the wiring harness and pulling the harness out of the frame. This makes just enough free space for the box to move up in the frame...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I purchased my '89 VN750 about 6 weeks ago for $350. It was mostly complete, but the carburetor was off the bike and the airboxes seemed to be missing. I was really at a loss for what to do. I'd like to thank all of you seasoned pros for all your amazing posts. After reading up and studying...
  8. Carbs and Fuel System
    I want to ditch the 'ears' with the stock air filter system and replace with either one pod filter under the front end of the tank or a pair of pods - one at each carb. I'm seeing coasters a lot on the forum connected with this mod- I have NO idea what the coaster is for and how it works. Can...
1-8 of 8 Results