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ear shave

  1. Ah s%$#. Broken bolt.

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hey all, I screwed up. I was halfway through coastering my reed valves on the cylinder when one of the bolts holding the valve on snapped at the head. I wasn't even going hard on it, maybe 15 pounds of force. All the other bolts came out bent so I'm thinking they just got weak after 30 years of...
  2. Ear Shave / Air Filter Advice

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I'm leaning towards an ear shave for my '03 VN750, and I really like the look of the K&N Spike filter. Have any of you installed this type of filter after the shave? If yes, which did you use? The closest I could find is the one pictured, but it is for an VN800 Classic '95+. Suggestions?
  3. Where are we buying our coaster kits these days?

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Sorry if this is answered someplace else, if so I couldn't find it. I need to coaster a new 750 project, and the place I have gotten coasters from in the past, Sanco, appears defunct. The website still works, but the phone number and email addresses go nowhere. Anyone buy coasters recently...
  4. Did the ear shave, now my bike won't start

    Carbs and Fuel System
    Howdy. I got my 89 Vulcan last July or August and rode it for about a month before deciding to start working on it over the winter. I cleaned out the gas tank (I'll post my thoughts on the methods of doing so once I get it running again), put in Iridium plugs, and did the Ear Shave, and now it...
  5. One Piece Airbox/Surge Tank Removal-no cutting

    Carbs and Fuel System
    This is much quicker than the hour or so some have reported for sawing the box into pieces to remove it. The key to removing the airbox in one piece is unplugging the wiring harness and pulling the harness out of the frame. This makes just enough free space for the box to move up in the frame...
  6. MPG After Ear Shave? Poll

    Carbs and Fuel System
    Done Done
  7. Ear Shave and Backfire when starting with engine warm/hot

    Carbs and Fuel System
    I did the ear shave procedure about 6 months ago. I re-jetted and everything per the instructions. I believe I read a post that after this procedure, you could have difficulty re-starting the bike when the engine is warm/hot, but I can't seem to find the post. Anyway, my bike DID have this...
  8. New Guy, Ear Shave wont start now.

    New Member Introductions
    So I bought my 2000 V750 back about three weeks ago (have not had a chance to ride it yet) I changed the oil and was a milky brown color. So I replaced the water pump gasket and that seems to have fixed that issue. My second problem is that I cleaned the carbs while doing this I decided to do an...
  9. VN750 Backfires & Pops on Deceleration

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hey everyone, I just reassembled my 92' vn750 and the rear cylinder pops and backfires badly on deceleration. I've shaved the ears, coastered it, rejetted the carbs with 42 and 142 jets (as per Phils ear shave procedure), and installed straight pipes. the idle screws are let out 3 and 3 1/2...
  10. Pulling carbs, removing CA Emissions, Ear Shave...need help please

    Carbs and Fuel System
    So I've tried all I can without pulling the carbs to un-stick my floats, but it just ain't happening. You can read what I have gone through at my prvious link here http://www.vn750.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18121 So I want to take out all my CA Emissions, as I've read that will give me much...
  11. Air filters - Ear Shave - Coasters - HELP?

    Carbs and Fuel System
    I want to ditch the 'ears' with the stock air filter system and replace with either one pod filter under the front end of the tank or a pair of pods - one at each carb. I'm seeing coasters a lot on the forum connected with this mod- I have NO idea what the coaster is for and how it works. Can...