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dead battery

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    It's no secret that I'm not some big time mechanic.... but I can figure out the simpler things most of the time. If it is straightforward I can usually fumble my way through it. Having said that.... Houston we have a problem. So I replaced the regular battery in my 750 with a brand new AGM...
  2. Electrical
    So I got a new battery after having to constintly charge mine. Now the 2nd one is dead. Did a test on the positive and neg while running. at idle it reads 12.30 and at 4000 rpms it reads 12.5. What should my next move be? :hitanykey
  3. Electrical
    I bought a 1985 Vulcan. Fell in love with the bike but the longer I own it the more I find is wrong. First off i bought a new battery because the old one wouldnt hold a charge. Now the new one is dead. Bike also leaks oil and has a missing problem. Also needs a new seat. All this wouldnt...
  4. Electrical
    Stator testing with pics if someone want to chime in with a pic of the location of these wires on the bike please post.... Also Wouldn't like replies on this thread unless i am incorrect... Please start a new thread if u are having problems and please post results of three test lets call the...