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  1. Equipment
    I ordered a dash from knifemaker's recent run and finally got artound to installing it and wiring up the components I wanted Voltmeter, USB charger, and LED switch installed Pics here! Feel free to ask any questions VN750 - Knifemaker's Dash INSTALLED - Album on Imgur
  2. Projects and Builds
    This is my first time on here and just got a 1999 Vulcan and was looking to make some personalization to the bike. Anywhere from changing gauges to blinkers. If you could just give an explanation and pics if available.
  3. VN750 General Discussion
    Has anyone ever taken the speedo/tach/dash off of a Vulcan? Looks 100% better! Want to do this but have a couple problems. 1. Headlight won't work without dash. 2. Still need speedo by law. 3. Fuel gauge is a good thing. Any solutions or after market ideas out there? Ill post how my bike...
1-3 of 3 Results