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  1. Rear Seat Delete/Trunk install

    Hey folks new rider here, ive got a 2001 vn750, its got a sissy bar on it and nothing else super special. However, i often ride with a change of clothes, or extra jackets or need space for groceries. Long story short a trunk or large saddle bags would be superb. Furthermore, due to my lack of...
  2. questions and parts available/trade

    VN750 General Discussion
    I have 1 vulcan 750 runnning just fine, but a while back i was given the oppertunity to buy 2 more, so i did. i bought 2 more for dirt cheap, they both have issues. They're whole complete bikes, except ones missing the carbs, and both are missing the batteries. My plan is to dissassemble bothe...
  3. Turbocharger

    Projects and Builds
    I have a small turbocharger laying around and I was wondering is I can and if it would be safe to turbo my 86 VN750. Has anyone ever done this before? Any thoughts?
  4. Intake Mods

    Projects and Builds
    I was wondering if anyone new of any bolt-on intakes for an 86 VN750 that replace the stock airboxs possibly pod filter spikes, also if i did this intake mod and straight piped it what jetting should i use? any help is appreciated, thanks.
  5. VN750 Custom Solo Seat

    New Member Introductions
    All, Just bought a '93 VN750 and I want to take the double seat off and put a solo seat on. Anyone done this before and if so, any recommendations on seats? I don't want to spend a ton of money, and have the skills to fabricate (which i'm guessing will be needed here). Any pictures...
  6. Do it yourself projects

    Projects and Builds
    This is my first time on here and just got a 1999 Vulcan and was looking to make some personalization to the bike. Anywhere from changing gauges to blinkers. If you could just give an explanation and pics if available.
  7. Adding a gear? Swapping for a six speed

    Transmission / Rear End
    Does anyone know if there is a compatable 6 speed tranny to fit a 96 vn750? I've been working on this little project and I would like to give her some longer legs.
  8. 96' Vulcan 750 Project

    Projects and Builds
  9. Vulcan Project

    Projects and Builds
    I picked up an 86 vn750 earlier in the year, rode it most of the season and fell in love with it. Unfortunately the stator went, so I figured since I had to pull the motor anyway id go through the bike and restore it/clean it up. Engine runs beautiful other than the factory cam chain tensioners...
  10. want o turn my 85 vn750 into a bobber.. help pls

    VN750 General Discussion
    hey guys i have se what a few guys here have been doin to there vulcans for custom work, i have just got a hold of my fathers old vulcn 750 and was going to restore it but i think that now i want to move more towards a bobber build.I was woderinig anyone can give me some advice and tips on...
  11. wiring help!

    Hey just wanting to see if anyone out there has gone in to the wiring and gotten rid of a lot of unecessary wires, I am wanting to just run the bare minimum that i have to, like headlight, taillight, starter, etc. If anyone has pictures or any input on cleaning up and getting rid of some...
  12. newbie here looking for aftermarket performance advice

    New Member Introductions
    About 6mo ago I bought a 1999 vn750 that had been raked out with Harley Davidson Sportster fenders with very bad electrical problems that needed new tires wheel bearings for $1800, the perfect bike for me because if I can't wrench on it it is not for me:smiley_th. The previous owner removed the...