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  1. Transmission / Rear End
    So this Saturday my wife had orchestra rehearsal the whole day, so I got to work on my bike! It was great bonding time. :motorcycl I patched up the nail in the rear tire, put K&N air filters in her, installed V&H cruzers, and.... checked the spline... theres the rub. Right as I removed the final...
  2. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    My cruzers will be here this week and I will run by the Harley shop this week to pick up the new gaskets needed to intall the cruzers, but my question has to do with their instalation. Do I need to do anything to the goats belly to install these? Will the new pipes replace the whole system or...
  3. VN750 General Discussion
    Im new to the forum and am super grateful for all the help Ive got from all you guys. I just recently got my bike and have been working on her to make sure she lasts me a long time :motorcycl . I got her with 17k miles. Shes a 2004 with saddle bags, windshield, cruise control, and highway...
  4. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hey Guys, Has anyone put the Vance & Hines Cruzers Exhaust System on your VN750? I'm highly considering it and wanted to know if anyone had pictures of it done. http://www.bikebandit.com/vance-hines-cruzers-exhaust-system#tabtop If so: Did you rejet? What Jet-Kit did you use? Did it give you...
1-4 of 4 Results