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  1. Selling 1985 VN700

    Sell or Swap
    If anyone is interested and is in SoCal
  2. 1984 VN700 parts bike for sale.

    Sell or Swap
    Pretty straightforward. I'm in Baltimore. I'm getting rid of the bike. $700. It's titled and all the parts are there (except a battery). If you want to switch out the shifter shaft (included), reseal the tank (kit included), and clean the carbs (carb cleaner included) it will run fine. I don't...
  3. when did they become cruisers?

    VN750 General Discussion
    i posted this question on the Motorcycle Classics Forum, and got no response. maybe you guys will know some history. i'm wondering when v-twins started to be called cruisers. as i remember it, Harleys/Indians were just v-twins. Then when the first Japaneese v-twins showed up i think they were...