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  1. Rear wheel/final drive binding after spline lube/replacement

    Transmission / Rear End
    Hey guys, After much cussing and such I was finally able to get my replacement driveshaft coupling in place (had to order another pair of Klein circlip pliers-- long story) but after reassembling everything this weekend (and finding the spring from inside the coupling had been left out, and...
  2. Removing driveshaft with rear wheel off

    Transmission / Rear End
    I finally got outside and determined that my splines are definitely shot-- diagnosis correct. I'm having trouble with the circlips holding the couplings in place (on the original and on the replacement shafts). What is required to take the driveshaft out now that I have the rear wheel off? Does...
  3. Removing circlip in driveshaft coupling

    Transmission / Rear End
    Hello all, I am trying to remove the coupling from a used driveshaft to replace the one on my bike, which is shot but am having a bear of a time getting the circlip off. I even bought the Klein pliers referenced in the spline lube procedure and even with the driveshaft on my lap, in a well lit...