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  1. Something funky with the front cyl ignition

    Whenever I crank the engine, the front plugs fire at the wrong time and the engine kicks back/blows air out the carb intakes. (valves/compression/timing has already been tested). I got a new ignition coil, and while it got slightly better, it still happens while cranking/ low RPMs. After...

    Sell or Swap
    I have a brand new aftermarket stator (electrosport I think), and brand new set of Kawasaki OEM pickup coils (coil pulsing) in original sealed bag part 59026-1062. Also I have a used gas tank with no petcock or cap, used tested good ignitor, used junction box, used set of ignition coils and...
  3. Starts cold but not hot.

    So this is new. The bike starts right up beautifully when i first get on it. If I ride ten minutes and turn it off, it doesn't want top start again until I let it sit for about ten minutes. Then the starter weakly turns things over but very weakly it feels like. Once it sits then it's back...
  4. idles and revs fine but zero power, won't even move

    Carbs and Fuel System
    My '03 Vulcan is a little hard to crank but idles and revs great but as soon as the clutch starts to engage the tack just drops while the bike doesn’t move or barely jerks when the clutch is released. The engine runs great but with no power. It even revs up fast. It started last week...
  5. accel super coils

    while i had the engine out and had a little time waiting for my stator to return i decided to check out other things on the bike wires coils things like that when i check the resistance on the primary coil it was 5.9F 6.3R i borrowed the other tech's dvom just to be sure and yes i did zero out...