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coffee grinder

  1. Some help to keep my bike going strong!

    VN750 General Discussion
    Im new to the forum and am super grateful for all the help Ive got from all you guys. I just recently got my bike and have been working on her to make sure she lasts me a long time :motorcycl . I got her with 17k miles. Shes a 2004 with saddle bags, windshield, cruise control, and highway...
  2. Hey guys!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I've had my 04 vn 750 for a while and I've used this forum to answer a couple questions and have loved what I've seen so far. Seems like a great group here. Just been fixing up my bike! It has that coffee grinding sound problem going from neutral to first like so many others have...
  3. Improved slipping grabbing chattering clutch

    Transmission / Rear End
    I too have been victimized by coffee grinder noise and grabbing chattering clutch when my VN 750 is cold -- and it only occurs when starting out in first, not when upshifting. I got pretty sick of it. To the point when I was cringing whenever I shifted. No fun. Some time back I posted on...