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  1. Carbs and Fuel System
    My bike broke down a little over 2 months ago and I'm finally getting time to work on it, I put the exhaust and radiator back on and cleaned the gas tank, but when I went to connect the clutch cable to the bevel at the bottum of the bike, it would hang limp and the bevel wouldnt tension its way...
  2. Transmission / Rear End
    Hi guys, I just rebuilt my 2006 750s engine and put it all back together, but the clutch cable seems to be not right. The clutch won't spring back. I'm not sure if I lost a spring or if I have the assembly all wrong. Here's a photo of what I am talking about. And 1 more thing. Where this...
  3. Transmission / Rear End
    Preface: I'm new to motorcycles. The VN750 is my first bike. Had one owner and is in very good condition from all appearances. I'm mechanically inclined and while I don't have a lot of garage space, I am likely to try DIY unless it's too risky. My VN750 does a few interesting things, possibly...
  4. Transmission / Rear End
    I have a project bike, 85 vn700 that I just got running and I'm dead near finished working on it, but, now the clutch isn't working properly. I haven't had the chance to throw a new back tire on it and take it for a spin yet, but I tried putting it in gear and the clutch didn't do anything when...
  5. Transmission / Rear End
    Alright so I decided to try n adjust my clutch cable my self n now clutch lever on handlebars doesn't snap back also need thorough instructions on adjusting the cable...manual confuses me...thanks n advance
  6. Transmission / Rear End
    Ok. So a guy at the local shop informed me a while back that my clutch cable was streatched out pretty much to the max, so i bought another one. well that was in '09 and its 2011 and i decided to put the thing on finally. Well... i get the old one off and the new one on with all the adjusters...
1-6 of 6 Results