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  1. Adding an external charging port.

    I have been lurking here for a while, and it is time to give something back. It has annoyed me that the battery on this bike is so small. I have had to charge too often when i have been doing a lot of starting and stopping. And the cumbersome system to have to remove the seat for access to the...
  2. Hudini Charging

    Well I'm stumped for sure. I've had my wire harness cleaned up and all the extra wires I didn't need were removed and the dash is gone as well and I'm keyless. What's happening is I start it and it shows that it's charging and accurately. When I drive 1-3 miles it starts to discharge at 11.9...
  3. New Stator & Rectifier still not charging battery PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I have read many threads on here and have not found what I am looking for. I put a brand new stator in the bike and it burnt up the rectifier. I put in a brand new rectifier and now it is all functioning properly and the battery still will not charge. I spent extra money on a new gel no...
  4. Big headache Stator, r&r

    so as much as I love my 86 Vulcan 750 It has been a headache lately. I was having electrical problems blowing headlights and main fuses and I inspected my R&R and it was cooked just by looking at it and there was burn marks on the connector. So I replaced it with a cheap replacement off of Ebay...
  5. !!!!!---Testing The Stator with pics---!!!!!

    Stator testing with pics if someone want to chime in with a pic of the location of these wires on the bike please post.... Also Wouldn't like replies on this thread unless i am incorrect... Please start a new thread if u are having problems and please post results of three test lets call the...