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  1. Electrical
    Hey Everyone, Here's the low down on what I've got and what I've done. Got my 2000 Vn750 with 4200 miles on it last march. runs great, the headlight wasn't working. I checked the bulb, still no. I come on here and find the blue wire bypass, great, I did that and my headlight is working...
  2. Electrical
    Been having issues with my VN750 1988. I think the voltage regulator may be going. When idling at about 1000 rpms it is putting out 15.6 volts to the battery. Owned all Honda's previously and the Shadows voltage with rpms up should not break 14.5 or so. Is this true of the VN750's?
  3. Electrical
    I recently bought the bike and it started and ran fine. The blinkers dont work and the original owner gave me a new voltage regulator because the battery apparently died after a few days. I installed the regulator and started it up. Within seconds the voltage reg heated up , almost painful to...
  4. Electrical
    Here is the story: Being the Safety Conscious guy that I am, I installed a High-Beam Head Light Flasher, for day-time use once the warranty was up (3 yrs). Works great and it automatically stops flashing at dusk. Awesome so far, BTW head-on collisions have been avoided in this manner. About...
  5. Electrical
    I just ordered a few parts to Build a MC 3 Phase Voltage Regulator/Rectifier... Supposed specs is 14.5V constant over all rpm ranges. The parts are supposed to be coming in the mail early next week. Once I get this all soldered up, I will post more... along with real time power ratings...
1-5 of 5 Results