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charging system

  1. 1985 vulcan 700 electrical nightmare! Please help!

    I recently bought the bike and it started and ran fine. The blinkers dont work and the original owner gave me a new voltage regulator because the battery apparently died after a few days. I installed the regulator and started it up. Within seconds the voltage reg heated up , almost painful to...
  2. Charging Problem due to Flashing Head Lamp

    Here is the story: Being the Safety Conscious guy that I am, I installed a High-Beam Head Light Flasher, for day-time use once the warranty was up (3 yrs). Works great and it automatically stops flashing at dusk. Awesome so far, BTW head-on collisions have been avoided in this manner. About...
  3. beefing up the chargind system Part 1.. the R/R

    I just ordered a few parts to Build a MC 3 Phase Voltage Regulator/Rectifier... Supposed specs is 14.5V constant over all rpm ranges. The parts are supposed to be coming in the mail early next week. Once I get this all soldered up, I will post more... along with real time power ratings...