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charging problems

  1. Problems charging the battery

    Hello everyone, Im new to the forums and was wondering if you guys could help me out with something. Recently I had troubles starting my VN750 89. I checked the voltage on the battery and it read 11,5V so i bought a charger and charged my battery to about 12,6. It ran fine for about 2 weeks...
  2. Charging system issues: Vn 750 1995

    Hello, I have this 1995 Vulcan 750 and it has run into some electrical problems. The head light, tail light, neutral indicator light and fuel level indicators have stopped working recently. Only the turn signals were working. I tried replacing the fuses to no avail. Soon after my battery died...
  3. Replaced Stator and R/R and battery still not charging

    I've replaced the stator and the R/R in my '95 Vulcan 750, and I'm still only reading battery voltage regardless of the engine speed. I've got a few ideas to try and was hoping to get your guys' feedback. 1. It's possible that the new stator is no good. I plan on checking the voltage between...
  4. So... what the hell?

    VN750 General Discussion
    It's no secret that I'm not some big time mechanic.... but I can figure out the simpler things most of the time. If it is straightforward I can usually fumble my way through it. Having said that.... Houston we have a problem. So I replaced the regular battery in my 750 with a brand new AGM...
  5. Trade Kawa crash bar w/pegs for labor 07866

    Sell or Swap
    Good morning all.. Another VN is going to bite the dust if I can't get some help with this.. I just got done testing my bike and the stator is bad.. I thought at first it was the battery.. It was just over 3 years old and a cheapo pep boys brand.. I replaced it with a new one and it ran great...
  6. Charging Problem due to Flashing Head Lamp

    Here is the story: Being the Safety Conscious guy that I am, I installed a High-Beam Head Light Flasher, for day-time use once the warranty was up (3 yrs). Works great and it automatically stops flashing at dusk. Awesome so far, BTW head-on collisions have been avoided in this manner. About...
  7. charging problems. is it my stator or battery?

    hey all. so here is my problem. my bike is not charging. if i ride it around for a few days, the battery dies. i replaced the regulator rectifier a few weeks ago, but that didn't fully solve the problem. i bought a tool that checks the battery and alternator. it's an idiot proof volt...