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  1. Carbs & Fuel System
    Hi, I'm working on this 1993 Vulcan 750 that I purchased last week and noticed that when the bike is running, the choke does not seem to make any difference in the idle. Can you please look at the YouTube video that I uploaded showing what is happening and help me figure out if the choke is...
  2. VN750 General Discussion
    Hello all, I didn't know exactly where to put this post so I figured put it here. My bike: 1998 Vulcan VN750 Issue: I have had 18" custom Ape Hangers made and I need to find cable extenders or get some custom cables. I have been told that the only place that I can get them is Barnett...
  3. VN750 General Discussion
    I am planning to have 15" tall ape hanger handlebars added to my vn750a-12 but before I buy them, I'd like to know the stock length of the clutch & throttle cables so I can adjust the measurements accordingly. I already know the length needed for the brake line, but I cannot find anything on...
1-3 of 3 Results