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  1. windshield adjustments

    I have just purchased a wicked wind-shield . It was off another bike and I'm trying to mod it to fit mine . I don't know what it is supposed to look like or where the brackets all fit . Does anybody have a picture of a wind-shield with brackets . The bike is a 1986 vn750. the wind-shield came of...
  2. Highway Pegs and brackets

    Sell or Swap
    Sold my 2 VN750s a couple weeks back and so I'm cleaning out the garage. Will be posting a few things over the next week or so. Set of pretty simple highway pegs and brackets for sale. The pegs are fold-down Harley Davidson ones. The brackets are similar to some I've seen on here from Lance and...
  3. Kuryakyn Gran Throw Over saddlebags

    Does anyone have any experience with these bags? They get great reviews everywhere I look at them online, and I need some for my 2006 VN750. Are they difficult to mount? Will I need mounting brackets (all the websites selling them say no), and will I need to remove or modify my blinkers? I'd...
  4. Easy/Ghost Brackets

    Does anyone know of a product similar to the Ghost or Easy Brackets for quick-release saddlebag mounting? Neither of them list the 750 as a supported fitment, but they both list nearly every other vulcan ever made. Also, I found saddlemen bags that come with quick-disconnect hardware...