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  1. Southwest Region
    I bought my bike in october nearly inspection ready, it had a broken left blinker (front and back) but i put 2 wires together and it works.. The only problem is its in reverse. Instead of blinking on and off, they blink off and on, and stay on by default. Where should i look on the bile to fix this?
  2. Electrical
    So I'm trying to slim my '05 750 down as much as possible and I bought a license plate cover with blinkers built in on the sides without thinking about it too much.After reading about the turn signals, they have 3 wires per signal. From the pictures it looks like this license plate has only 1...
  3. Projects & Builds
    This is my first time on here and just got a 1999 Vulcan and was looking to make some personalization to the bike. Anywhere from changing gauges to blinkers. If you could just give an explanation and pics if available.
  4. Electrical
    Ok I have a 1991 Vulcan 750, and the rear blinkers were a mess when I bought the bike used, but they worked fine. I ended up replacing my rear blinker lights with some LED blinkers, (without changing the original flasher in the bike) since they had started to fall apart. The LEDs worked fine for...
  5. Electrical
    This just came in the mail from ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320456770654 I installed one in the rear blinker and was very impressed with the brightness, quality, and quick service from the seller. Fit right in, no mods required. It has my VN750 approval to...
1-5 of 5 Results