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  1. Projects and Builds
    I was wondering if anyone new of any bolt-on intakes for an 86 VN750 that replace the stock airboxs possibly pod filter spikes, also if i did this intake mod and straight piped it what jetting should i use? any help is appreciated, thanks.
  2. Carbs and Fuel System
    Hello all, so yesterday I was riding home from work when I stopped to fill up on gas. When I got back on the bike to start it ,it wouldn't start. The starter was spinning just like normal, the voltage on the battery was good, petcock was in the on position. I couldn't seem to get it started...
  3. Sell or Swap
    Vermin chewed through the left side holder element. Looking for one. Part number is 13091. Found the elements with no problem but the holder looks to be harder to find. Only need one as the other holder is intact. Checked eBay and could not locate. Same with CL.
  4. VN750 General Discussion
    I am looking into purchasing a K&N air filter for my stock 1997 VN750. I can't find any sites that specify that the 70 dollar filter includes both parts. Since this bike needs a filter on each side I want to make sure the price includes both filters before I throw my money away. Can anyone...
1-4 of 4 Results