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  1. 1986 vn750 project....thinkin it just needs sold.

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    Hey all. My name is Jeff and have been riding off and on for 9 years Recently picked up a 1986 vn750 to bob. The problem is the repairs i have discovered the bike needs are way beyond what the bike is worth to me. Electrical issues aside. It needs an ignition, brakes, tires and the tthe the...
  2. Newbbie

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    Hello everyone and thank you for having this site where questions can be answered. I own a 1986 750n Vulcan with 13,000 miles. I just bought it 2 weeks ago and enjoy it. This is the second one I have owned, the last one I sold after the stator went out and found that the cost would be what the...
  3. Thinking about selling my 86 VN750

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    1986 VN750 Anyone want to pickup my VN750? It is in decent shape. When I bought at the end of last summer. I need something bigger though. The odometer said 5k….i put a newish spedo on it that now says 25k ( I think, gotta double check). Body in good shape, only I minor dent in tank from...
  4. Looking for a Carburetor 85-05 vn750

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    I'm looking for a carburetor for my 86 Vulcan. Let me know if anyone has one for sale and how much you want for it. Thanks!!!