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Formerly "90's teal", now black
Bought this one in the spring of '15, for the sum of $1200 as my project bike for the year, completely stock when I bought it. I did a good amount of looking around forums for a while and the first thing I decided to do was a carb cleaning and, although I didn't intend to initially, and ear shave (after I couldn't get the damn carbs out). Initially I removed the tank and fenders and gave them a cheap black plasti-dip cover-up job, but I wasn't happy with that. Eventually I took everything apart properly and after way too much work blacked just about everything I could out on the bike and changed out a bunch of components: New headlight assembly, turn signals, modified the stock seat to sit flush with the fender, handgrips and mirrors, etc.
1995 Kawasaki VN750 (Formerly "90's teal", now black)


- Standard Ear-shave with K&N pod filters installed
- Iridium spark plugs installed
- Stock everything else
- Re-jet (142 main, 42 pilot, 2 needle shims)
- Handgrips
- Half-ape handlebars
- Bar-end mirrors
- Fork boots
- New headlight assembly and mounts
- Maier GP headlight cowl
- Stock horn removed - Stebel Nautilus installed
- Rear seat frame removed - seat pan cut and folded with new brackets installed to secure
- New turn signals - front and back
- Kawasaki decals on forks
- Custom black paint on tank and fenders
- Inner rims painted, reflective red trim on outside
- Highway bars and pegs installed
- Custom fabricated backrest
- Custom built straight-pipes
Wheel and Tire
Commander 3 touring tires, 170 in the back, stock in the front.



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